Maths Tutor Harrogate


I have a first class degree and PhD in maths and computing.

I have an 'Outstanding' PGCE teaching qualification.

I am an experienced maths tutor, living and working in Harrogate.

Most of my students are in Years 9-11 or in Sixth Form.

I am also pleased to support adult learners. I have experience of leading a GCSE maths evening class for adults at York College.

I genuinely enjoy solving maths problems and the challenge of maths tutoring.

I have successfully completed the Mathematics Enhancement Programme run by the National Centre for Exellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

Following best practice, I use activity-based learning to expose gaps in knowledge and promote problem-solving skills.

I tailor sessions to meet individual needs and support my students to prepare for exam success - including KS3, GCSE, Core Maths and A Level Maths and Further Maths. I set homework to consolidate learning and provide regular progress reports for students and parents.  


I would be pleased to help you prepare for your maths / numeracy exams.

I am available at hours to suit you - including after school and evenings. I have the flexibility to provide extra help during school holidays and in the run up to exams. I offer a choice of tutoring online (via zoom) or from my home close to Harrogate Grammar and Rossett Schools.

Maths Tutor Harrogate

Patient and Professional Service


At your first session, we'll discuss where you are now with your maths and where you want to get to. Whether your goal is to pass or to achieve the highest grade, to be successful in an exam first time or to resit, I can help.


From the information you provide I'll design a programme of study aimed specifically at helping you achieve your goals. I'll discuss and agree this programme with you before your tuition starts, and we'll keep it under review together, monitoring and updating the programme as you progress. Working 1:1 we'll be able to immediately address any concerns you may have.


I can support you to succeed whether you want to improve your grasp of maths basics, focus on particularly troublesome topics, get extra practice in material you're covering in school/college or revise in preparation for exams.

Individual Tuition

Each hour-long session will be tailored to meet your individual needs. I usually cover two different topics per session to keep the momentum going. I also like to link topics to ensure things you learnt earlier are not forgotten.


As a genuinely enthusiastic maths tutor, I like to use a variety of materials - for example to help you understand conditional probability I may use playing cards, and to help you understand volume and visualise 3D trigonometry problems I may use nets. My teaching approach will be specifically designed with you in mind and I'll draw on your interests to make maths relevant for you.


I'll provide homework to consolidate your learning, and guidance on good exam techniques - with tips on how to get the extra marks that'll help you achieve a higher grade. I'll also recommend the revision guides that will be most effective for you.

Progress Reports

During each session I'll provide feedback and encouragement to build your confidence and improve your skills.


I'll help you celebrate your successes and identify further opportunities that will help you move to the next level.


I'll provide opportunities for you to give feedback to me - what worked well, what less well for you?


My aim is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your maths tuition, that you can see the positive impact on your confidence and skill levels - and that you recommend me to your friends as a great Harrogate maths tutor!


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