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Maths Tutor Harrogate
Maths Tutor Harrogate

"I just wanted to thank you for all your invaluable help and support for [my son] over the last two years. You have been the one true constant he has had all the way through" [A Level student 2021]

"I can only say thank you! A rocky start where he doubted his ability but appears to have grown massively. That is thanks to you. We will unreservedly recommend you. {My son] has loved having your support and highly organised focus and lessons!" [A Level student 2021]

"Brilliant news on [my daughter's] latest maths test results..90%..thank you so much for everything you are doing" update "she just got a 9!!! How amazing is that?!" [GCSE student 2021]

"I think we've managed very well on zoom and I'm pleased with the progress I've been making" [A Level student 2020-21]

"Thanks you for all the help and everything you've taught me over these past two years Heather. My maths has come on so much since having you and I really appreciate all the time you've given" [Foundation GCSE student 2020-21]

"Thank you for all the work you've put in for me...You've not only helped me improve my maths but enjoy it even more and I feel like I made a new friend" [GCSE and A Level student 2020 - ]

"Thank you very much, I am feeling confident for my test tomorrow due to all your help. I have made a start on learning the Quadratic Formula and the exact trig values as well" [Higher GCSE student 2020-21]

"Thank you for being a fantastic maths tutor these last 5 years! You have helped me to really enjoy maths and made the stress of exams that little bit less stressful. I am so grateful for your kindness and patience and could not have got through it all without your careful and well thought explanations" [A Level student 2019]


"Thank you so much for all your help over the last two years. I honestly couldn't have done it without you" [A Level student 2019]

"Thank you for helping me in improving my maths skills dramatically this year" [A Level student 2019]

"Thank you for helping me with my maths. Your support has been really invaluable" [GCSE student 2019]


"Thank you for all you've done for me this year. I really appreciate it. I'll let you know my result in August!" [A Level student 2018, achieved grade A]

"Thank you so much for all your support over this year. You have been a huge help. I really appreciate it!" [Higher Level GCSE Maths student 2018 - passed with a high grade]

"I'm extremely happy with my results. I got a 5 which I'm extremely happy with" [Foundation Level GCSE student, 2018]


"He loves coming to see you and its helped his school work enormously - really can't thank you enough! Life changing!" [Year 10 student, 2017]

"Thank you for all your help and support in getting me ready for my maths GCSE. Fingers crossed for a good result" [Foundation Level GCSE Maths student - achieved highest pass level 5]

"I really appreciate your support and encouragement throughout these last two years. I honestly couldn't have done it without your help," [GCSE/Further Maths student - achieved level 8/grade A]

"Thank You really isn't enough to describe how much you've helped me. You really did go above and beyond ..  your students are so very lucky to have you" [A Level student, 2017]

"Thankyou for all your help over the years, I know I wouldn't be here without you!" [A Level student, 2017 - achieved grade B to secure University place]

"Thank you so much for piecing me back together every Thursday afternoon and for helping me through both A-levels and GCSE" [A Level student, 2017 - achieved grade A*]

"I can't thank you enough. Without [your help] the non-calculator paper would have been impossible! I'm going to miss maths every Thursday (you've made me enjoy maths!)" [GCSE student, 2016]

"Thank you for all your help, I don't think he would even be quietly confident without the effort you and he have put in" [Mother of GCSE student, 2016]

"Thankyou for all of the maths tutoring! You have been a huge help. See you in September" [Year 7 student, 2016]

"Deeply grateful for all your efforts. You've taught me a great deal" [Mature student covering A Level syllabus, 2016]

"We had a mock this week and I got 72%, so for the first time I have passed. Thank you for all the help in the holiday that has helped me a huge amount" [dyslexic GCSE student, 2016]

"I got an A in maths! I couldn't have done it without you!!" [A Level student, 2015]


"You have worked your magic!! [My daughter] has got an A* for maths in a year!!! Thank you. You are brilliant!!!"  [Mother of A Level student, 2015]


"I got an A in maths. Thanks so much for all your help" [GCSE student, 2015]

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the help with my maths. I got a B and I'm really pleased! :)" [GCSE student, 2015]

"I passed. I can't believe it! Thanks for everything!" [Foundation Level GCSE student, 2015]


"Thank You!!! You have helped me so much! I feel fluent in maths and I've memorised the quadratic formula - finally!" [GCSE student who achieved A*]



“I’m back on target and in the top set at school. My hour with Heather goes really quickly. I feel much more confident about my maths now. I know the answers to my teacher's questions and I got 91% in my end of year test” [KS3 student]


"Thank you very much for teaching me maths. I have really enjoyed it. It has improved my mathematical skills drastically" [KS3 student]

"His confidence and attitude to maths has changed significantly and he goes to your lessons with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Amazing!" [Mother of KS3 student]

"I passed the numeracy test today, woohooo! thank you for your patience and help" [student passing numeracy test to qualify for teacher training]


"Really pleased with myself I got 95%. The lessons definitely paid off. Thank you" [Trainee Nurse passing Numeracy test]


"Just to say thank you for your all the help and support. I have a lot of good memories to cherish." [Mature GCSE student]

To go to University you are likely to need maths GCSE grade 5 or equivalent. An increasing number of employers also require you to have numeracy skills and qualifications.


Maths gives us the power to understand, predict and control the world. This is no exaggeration! Without maths we wouldn't have fashion in different clothes sizes, football league tables or computer games and animation.


Without maths we wouldn't be able to manage our finances, make sense of statistics or understand the economic news.

We all need numeracy skills every day


- Do I have enough money to buy this lunch and pay my bus fare?


- How long will it take to get to the cinema at this speed?


- How many tins of paint do I need to paint this room?


- How much interest will I earn?


- What chance is there of winning the lottery?


See my "Challenge" pages for examples of maths in action in Harrogate

With me as your maths tutor I hope you'll agree maths is fun!


One of my students is a music fan. We solved simultaneous equations to find out the cost of a CD given that three CDs and two T-shirts cost £46.50, and four CDs and three T-shirts cost £66.


Another student plays in an orchestra in Harrogate. Our session on ratios asked "if there are 32 people in a youth orchestra and girls out-number boys by 3:1, how many boys are there in the orchestra?"

During each session I'll provide feedback and encouragement to build your confidence and help you improve your skills.


At the end of each term I'll provide a short written report for you and (if appropriate) your parents. This will summarise the topics we've covered together, celebrate your successes and identify further opportunities that will help you move to the next level.


At the end of your tuition I'll send you a short survey inviting you to assess the progress you've made while working with me. This will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback to me - what worked well, what less well for you?


My aim is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your maths tuition, that you can see the positive impact on your confidence and skill levels - and that you recommend me to your friends as a maths tutor!


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