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KS3 Maths

When the sun shines I love to go camping

My tent is 1.5m tall. It is anchored to the ground by guy ropes 2.5m long.













Find the angle between the guy rope and the ground.


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GCSE Maths

My son loves pizza!

A one third slice of a 10 inch deep-pan pepperoni pizza costs £3.99.


A quarter slice of a 14 inch deep-pan pepperoni pizza costs £5.49.










Which of the pizza slices is the better value for money?


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AS Level Maths

I went trekking with my husband in Peru

I walk 4 miles due south, then 6 miles southeast before going 7 miles on a bearing of 020.












Find the distance and bearing on which I must walk to return to my starting point.


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Functional Maths

I like to bake cakes - and everyone in the family enjoys eating them

I bake cupcakes using these ingredients














I need to make exactly 40 cakes. How much butter will I need?


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GCSE Statistics

We have a black hole for socks in our house!

I have 4 pink socks and 6 blue socks in my drawer. I take 2 socks out in the dark.











What is the probability that I have a matching pair of socks?

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A2 Level Maths

I like cycling - especially downhill. Without circles I wouldn't get far!

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