Maths Tutor - Fees


I charge the fees shown below. Conversations about progress and plans outside of session times are free of charge.

Latest News

Sessions can be arranged on a week by week basis. No charges will be made for weeks missed due to holidays and other commitments.


Fees are payable in advance of each session please and will be charged for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. 


I am continuing to support my students by working online using zoom 1:1 conference calls. This solution is working well. We are able to share papers and collaborate in problem-solving. I will be keeping working arrangements under review as Government restrictions are updated but my priority is, of course, to keep everyone safe.

Booking Update

My diary is full and I am not taking on new students at present. I have a waiting list for 2020/21 but it is difficult to plan too far ahead until it is safe to resume face to face sessions. 

GCSE / A Level / Core Maths

The GCSE 9-1 maths qualification thoroughly tests problem-solving skills and challenges everyone at foundation and higher levels, including those aiming to achieve top grades. I can help you develop and put into practice the mathematical and problem-solving skills and resilience you'll need to succeed in these exams. 

The A level maths qualification is a big step up from GCSE. It puts emphasis on problem-solving and on applying maths methods to real-life situations. All students study both statistics and mechanics as well as pure mathematics. I can help you prepare for exams by consolidating your understanding of new techniques and by providing extra practice to develop your fluency and confidence in problem-solving.

I also have experience in teaching the Core Maths qualification taken in sixth form by those students who wish to continue to study maths without taking a full A level in the subject (for example, to support A level studies in science/psychology/other subjects). This very interesting and practical course gives you practice in using maths in a real-life and realistic way.

University Entry

Every year I am delighted to support students to gain the grades they need for the University of their choice. I have also successfully coached students to prepare for and pass maths entrance exams for Medicine, for Cambridge University and for Harvard.


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